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The Savage Club was founded in 1857 and remains one of the leading Bohemian Gentleman's Clubs in London. Unlike most London clubs at the time being formed around a single interest the savage club focused on bringing together those or different interests and open to engage with something they would not normally hear. The Club's name is taken from an English poet called Richard Savage (1679 -1743) and immortalised in Samuel Johnson's Life of Savage originally published anonymously in 1744. In addition to being a published poet and writer, he was an actor, raconteur, party animal and lover of the diversity of life. His lifestyle led to the blossoming of many rumours surrounding his lineage and love life as he demonstrated a maximum engagement with life, laughter and the pursuit of happiness.

Clubs elsewhere have borrowed both the name and the style, which continues to be the 'pursuit of happiness' - a quest made infinitely more agreeable by the fellowship of members who are known to each other by the sobriquet "Brother Savage". Specifically Shanghai Savage Club first related to the Savage Club in Melbourne (Australia) however the origins of the Savage Club date back to the UK 1857.

The original Savage Club classifies each Brother Savage into one of six categories which best describes their interests. Art, Music, Drama, Law, Science and Literature. This might identify with the members profession it is focused on the individuals interests and how they are recognised by their peers in this field. It is an added dimension to the members and club. For more information about this and more on the original Savage Club go to

Reinforcing the traditions of the club, the Shanghai chapter continues the practise of categorization and while the categories are close there are minor adjustments to bring them more in line with the nature of expat life in Shanghai. In the Shanghai Club the categories are Art, Justice, Knowledge, and Discovery. Our motto is "The Love of Engagement"


There was a Savage Club in Shanghai in the 1870's and it remained active through the 1880's and 90's. The current Shanghai Savage Club was re-founded in October of 2007 when a group of Shanghai business men gathered to enjoy a traditional Aussie Long Lunch. This was the catalyst for the establishment of the club that has met regularly ever since. 

The name was chosen informally after one of the Long Lunches when some of the members saw an interview of a particularly famous individual outside the Melbourne Savage Club on the news. His reference to "Brother Savages" and the concepts of the club appealed to all present. The goal was set and steps taken to eventually aspire to become the Shanghai Savage Club. The links to the Savage Club and Melbourne Savage Club were re-established in 2010. Since that time the club has helped launch the Hong Kong Savage Club and formed a reciprocal relationship to the Chindasia Club in Bangkok.

The establishment of the club was in the pursuit of the following:

  • To provide an engaging setting for circulating ideas, friendship, and laughter.

  • To provide a regular formal Long Lunch with a speaker on unusual and interesting topics.

  • To provide a ready welcome, and engagement for Brother Savages and reciprocal club members coming to Shanghai.


Today, in Shanghai, we have an active group of members who are passionate about fellowship anchored in the underlying beliefs and principles of the club. We meet regularly during the course of each month which is kicked off with a club lunch. The club lunch, often referred to as a long lunch, is capped with a formal speaker who is an expert or posses an active interest in their chosen subject. Post speech debate often takes us long into the afternoon.


For equality, truth, facts, justice and the systems that create and maintain these values.


The skills and joys of the muses; music, dance, theatre, film, poetry, painting, sculpture and entertainment.


New cultures, countries, ideas, and different experiences. Change is a pursuit. 


Literature, history, science, stories of life and the accumulation of defining moments.


Members of the Shanghai Savage Club have access to visit these clubs provided they are accompanied with a letter of introduction. Introductions are made through the Club secretary at


Located in the heart of Club Land, smoking balcony looking out over the Thames towards the Houses of Parliament. The location is only improved on by the wonderful range of friends you will find enjoying the clubs active schedule, bar and dining room at the club which is shared with the historic Liberal Club.


An amazing collection of weapons, art, skulls and ceremonial items from Papua New Guinea grips your attention as you enter. The presence and laughter of other members adds to the atmosphere of the Collins Street House. The large clubhouse is the preferred oasis for Savages in Melbourne.


Very much an oasis in the middle of the jungle called Bangkok. The private club sits in the quiet lane Soi 28 off Sukhumvit rd. It is the ultimate cigar, whisky and lifestyle club. The members reflect the amazing mix of cultures and interests that is Bangkok. Chindasia has links to the bar chain called Kraft dotted around the cities hotspots. Each location has a Whisgars co-located so you can chose your atmosphere to suit your mood.


The premier Long Lunch club in Hong Kong. The wide range of members change their lunch location each month in order to get the best out of Hong Kong and constantly refresh their view.

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